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How to manage a good shelf
Publisher:Published Time:2012-5-3readed:256Times

In product display shelves, pay attention to the different categories of products focused on display, as far as possible the different categories. If the product is horizontally placed, then the same brand, different specifications of the product should be placed on both sides; if it is vertically, the same brand, different specifications of the product should be up and down the display. This display is designed to build a solid brand cover, strengthen the brand's visual impact.
During product vivid display when the sales staff to always pay attention to competing brands on the shelf must have its corresponding display location, the right choice: there is no need to brand competition evacuation shelves, but should win more than competing brands advantages of the location of the display area should be at least the product's market share fairly.
The successful management of the shelf should meet the following criteria:
(1) of the target product distribution to the target retail stores;
(2) the distribution of new products to target retail stores;
(3) store product display can often be effective improvements;
(4) The products must be kept clean, neatly placed;
(5) rotary shelf products, old products placed on the shelves before the new products placed on the shelves after the (first in, first out);
(6) The front of the product should be placed forward;
(7) to increase the display surface and use to help sell goods;
(8) to prevent counterfeiting, generic products are placed in the next;
(9) retail price regulation in place;
(10) to perform the gold display standard.


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