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The structural characteristics of the storage shelves
Publisher:Published Time:2012-5-3readed:258Times

    In general, light warehouse shelf, medium-sized warehouse shelves, heavy Treasury shelves are common storage shelves. The structural characteristics of these storage shelves are mainly the following aspects:

    The first thing to say to the light Treasury shelves, its structure is characterized by: Universal angle column, plug assembly structure, the Treasury shelves can be freely combined, usually steel laminates storey 50 cm arbitrary adjustable installation and removal simple, thin, light and beautiful, artificial access to goods, commonly used in the storage of light items, and it's less capital investment, can be widely used in electronics, light industry, supermarkets, cultural and educational industries.

    For medium Treasury shelves, such structural characteristics of the storage shelves: plug the modular structure of the standard group inserted component, without a connecting bolt Treasury shelves to facilitate rapid installation and removal, and laminates for the shear, folding from the processing of ultra-The strong silent steel plate, while the number of ribs or add reinforcing rods, 50 cm each storey any adjustable shelf units on each floor load 400 kg, square column, positive punching laminates below spot less storage shelves more solid and elegant, widely used in all walks of life.

    Finally, to the heavy Treasury shelves structural features, it is a plug combination beams shelf shelves, a ladder-type beams, generally can be configured to the steel laminates or wood laminate, the height of 50 mm any the adjustable shelf unit on each load of up to 800 kg, size specifications according to customer demand for tailor-made, such structural characteristics of the storage shelves suitable for the manufacturing industry.


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