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Eight parts warehouse management
Publisher:Published Time:2012-5-3readed:25477Times

     Warehouse management of the materials within the warehouse and warehouse management, warehousing agencies have in order to take full advantage of the storage resources to provide efficient warehousing services program, organization, control and coordination processes.


       Specifically, warehouse management, including access to storage resources, warehousing business management, warehousing, process management, storage and job management, custody, management, security management of a variety of management and related operations. Warehouse management is a science of economic management, but also involve the use of technical science; so the edge of the discipline.

       The connotation of the warehouse management with its expanding role in the socio-economic areas and change. Warehouse management, or Kuguan. Refers to the warehouse and its inventory management, warehousing system is indispensable in the business logistics system subsystem. The overall objective of the logistics system to provide customer satisfaction with the services at the lowest cost, and storage system in which plays an important role. Warehousing activities to promote enterprise to improve customer service levels, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Modern warehouse management from static management to dynamic management gave birth to a fundamental change in the basic work of the warehouse management also put forward higher requirements.

       For effective warehouse management, can play the role of the warehouse management in the supply chain.

     First-steps: chase.
     Warehouse management should have the information traceability, reach to the transport and logistics supplier of production and shipment status, production scheduling and suppliers linked with the actual shipment status. Meanwhile, warehouse management and logistics providers ETD / the ETA connection retrospective are: ETD (EstimatedtoDeparture) - How much to leave the supplier factory shipping dock How much? Leave the supplier outsourcing warehouse pier? Third-party logistics and fourth party logistics vehicles to leave the departure How much? ETA (EstimatedtoArrival) - third-party logistics and fourth party logistics vehicles to the destination of the traffic? arrived at the wharf how much the amount of the company's factory? arrived in the company production line edge positions How much? and VMIMin / Max Inventory System connection the Replenishment status.
Second song: income.

     Warehouse receipt should be using bar code or the more advanced RFID scanning to confirm the status of the feed, the key points include: is the delivery of the supplier, shipping information is not purchasing VPO, the warehouse should be to find the relevant departments to identify the reasons for confirmation whether the goods today at this time of the closing into; in the inventory of materials, if materials did not meet the minimum packing quantity of scattered number of boxes out of the box carefully inventory, lack of recognition is correct, be incorporated into; when the confirmation of the receipt scanning, such as The system will not receive the grant should find the relevant departments to identify the cause and confirm that this cargo is incorporated into.
     The first trilogy: check.
     The warehouse should have the identification of goods, special controls for Class A materials (exclusive supply market only a few vendors to choose from a limited competitive market and monopoly supply of Class A materials) strictly control the number of independent warehouse, 24-hour security monitoring; packaging materials supplies exemption system to require suppliers to bad packaging materials for the line side supplies unconditional replenishment returned; material storage time limit and set a bad material handling time limit.

    Episode IV: Chu.

   Material Jincang do not fall or at least do (stored in pallet can move at any time) each type of material can have only a scattered number of boxes or bulk boxes of a pallet, a temporary time limit automatically alerts, as far as possible the control of the storage spaces (Bin-Location), to do NoPickList (work order prepared by picking single), can not be moved!

    Fifth-steps: picking.
    Picking based on the work the consumption order to do can be done in accordance with lights to indicate the picking is a superior (aka PicktoLight) when picking the best to do the scan to automatically debit action in a timely manner to change the inventory information to inform the central dispatch complement cargo.

    Sixth-steps: hair.
Warehouse material basis for the work prepared by picking single material, and make work, the preparation of single and picking single triple is better to do site work to make consumption at a glance, use of automated scanning systems, the operation of the transmission of information.
   Seventh-steps: drive.

  Finishing the fight disk always follow the rubato San boxes scattered a few principles. For example, one kinds of material the total number of 103, 10 boxes (each box of 10) plus three zero number in the inventory of single-disc points the number of methods should be written in the 10 boxes x 10 +3 = 103. For materials to conduct the grading and classification, in order to determine the various types of materials inventory, periodic inventory and can be divided into day disk disk / week / month disk; inventory with MoveList inventory (inventory movement orders); each month at 12:00 on the 1st Checkout complete the objectives to be set.
   Eighth-steps: retreat.
   Returned for the principles of the entire package, the number of treatment duration and treatment should be done to reach the entire package, retire or 15:00 every Friday the whole batch of back light to do ForceParts (line edge positions automatically fill replacement) system to replace an RMA (back material confirmation: ReturnMaterialAuthorization) practices, the principle of shared buffer VMIHub return to require suppliers to do the supply of free box.


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