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Automated warehouse usher in spring
Publisher:Published Time:2012-5-3readed:1888Times




   As the rapid development of science and technology, the mechanization of production and management to replace the human labor, more and more people for the pursuit of efficiency, modernization of industrial production showing a social, professional, centralized development trend.

   A high degree of mechanization of production prompted the warehouse management technology, innovation, and how to improve the use of warehouse volume, but also significant savings in efficiency is a major issue in industrial production in the distribution of supplies and cargo management. This has prompted the emergence and application of the automated warehouse. Automated warehouse because it can effectively increase the storage space, to facilitate the flow of goods, play an important role in industrial production and logistics in the warehouse management. The warehouse has the effect of storage as a storage space not only in industrial production and logistics, distribution, storage as an important relay station distribution of goods procurement, from the management to improve efficiency, can significantly contribute to the production schedule.

    Warehouse planning supplies into should be based on materials are used, types of aspects carried considerations after to be divided, in order to improve efficiency in the management, which put forward higher requirements for the storage shelves, automated warehouse the emergence of a good solution to this problem, as opposed to the traditional warehouse, automated warehouse has the following advantages: First, save the warehouse floor space, warehouse space fully utilized. Automated warehouse to the assembly of large-scale storage shelves, coupled with automated management technology goods easy to find, so the construction of automated warehouse than the traditional warehouse covers an area of ​​small, but the utilization of space. In developed countries, to improve space utilization as the system's legitimacy and advanced assessment indicators. To promote energy saving and environmental protection, automated warehouse has a good effect on the conservation area of ​​resources, will also make a major trend of the future storage development. Automated management to improve the management level of the warehouse. Using computer automated warehouse goods information, accurate information management, to reduce the errors that may occur in the storage of goods, improve work efficiency.

    Motorized transit of the goods at the same time, the three-dimensional automated warehouse storage out of the library, handling safe and reliable, reducing the rate of breakage of the goods, but also the special requirements of goods on the environment through a specially designed well preserved environment, such as toxic, explosive goods, but also reduced in the handling of goods may be subject to damage. Automated warehouse form the advanced production chain, to promote the progress of the productive forces. China shelves Network noted that due to the high efficiency of the automated warehouse access, so you can effectively connected warehouse production processes in the field, an automated logistics system can be formed in the store, to form a planned arrangement of the production chain, so that production capacity has been greatly improved.


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