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Cargo pallet racking shelves routine applications
Publisher:Published Time:2012-5-3readed:2798Times

Beam style storage shelves

Rack beams, also known as a cargo shelf, belong to the class of pallet racking, the most common form of a shelf in a variety of internal storage shelf system. Column + beams in the form of fully assembled structure, the structure is simple and effective. According to the installation of the characteristics of the storage unit load devices such as: functional attachment of every file, steel laminates (wood laminate), the metal mesh layer, storage cage rails, frame drums. Meet the different unit load devices in the form of goods storage.

Must first container unit of work, characteristics of the goods and their packaging weight to the group disk, determine the tray type, specifications, dimensions, and a single prop deadweight and heap (single-prop cargo weight is generally less than 2000kg), and then a result of the shelf unit span, depth, spacing, determine the height of the shelf according to the effective height of the lower edge of the warehouse roof trusses and the largest fork lift truck. Shelf unit span is generally less than 4m, depth of 1.5m or less, low, high storage shelves height is generally less than 12m, ultra-high-bit warehouse shelf height is generally less than 30m (such warehouses are the basic automated warehouse shelves total by a number of sections 12m or less column form).

Such warehouse, low, high storage mostly reach forklift battery, balance weight forklift battery forklift access operations, shorter shelf can also be used in electric forklifts, ultra-high-bit warehouse stacker deposit take the job. This shelf system space utilization, flexible and convenient access, supplemented by computer management or control, could meet the requirements of modern logistics system.

Widely used in areas such as manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution centers, both for multi-variety low-volume items, but also applies to less variety of bulk items. Such shelves in the most widely used high storage and ultra-high warehouse (automated warehouse shelves mostly with such a shelf).


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