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Shuttle shelf system advantage with five features
Publisher:Published Time:2012-5-3readed:6735Times

Product performance are as follows:
● to achieve the highest intensity of pallet cargo storage, a significant reduction in warehouse construction costs
● FIFO goods, advanced after the freedom to choose
● Drive-in shelves without the need to enter into the ship and high efficiency
● anti-seismic safety performance is significantly higher than the Drive-in shelves
Technical note:
Rated load: 500kg ~ 1500kg
Walking speed: Max.50m/min
Control: Handheld, automotive wireless remote control
Cold storage temperature: -25 ° C

The application of occasions
1. Tray
Each roadway storage of the same items
Shelf height by the height restrictions of the forklift operator
4 at both ends or one end into the ship out (FIFO or advanced)
Strong competitors 5. Rolling shelves, squeeze Rack, Drive Rack
(6) suitable for cold storage

Several major features of the shuttle storage systems
To achieve the highest intensity of pallets stored, a significant reduction in warehouse construction costs
2, cargo FIFO, advanced after a freedom of choice *
3, remote control, without entering into the ship and high efficiency
4, anti-seismic safety performance is much higher than the Drive-in shelves
Drive-in shelves, the pressure in shelves, gravity rack, lower overall costs

Comparison with the general shelves, shuttle shelf system has the following advantages:
First, we can greatly increase the floor area ratio of the warehouse. For example: general Drive-shelf transformation shuttle shelf systems, the use of the original warehouse area utilization to 30 percent. Of course, every project needs to our engineering staff based on specific conditions for rational planning.
Second, the entire shelf system more stable. Shuttle shelf systems in the transformation of the Drive-in shelves, due to the use of beams of each shelf are joined together, the entire shelf system more stable.
Third, to enhance the operation efficiency of cargo handling. Because the operation of the shuttle relative to the operation of forklifts and more simple, easy operator use, and improve work efficiency.
Fourth, if the enterprise into the shelves transformation of shuttle shelf system, able to maximize use of the original shelf system, greatly reducing the cost of renovation. The general structure of these two types of shelf system is the same, the transformation is more simple, just use the beams to the original shelves are joined together, laying track in the channel between the shelves, use the shuttle instead of the original into the forklift on it.
Reporter: choose to use the shuttle shelf system need to pay attention to what issues?
The money is Yin: First, companies need to learn more about the characteristics and role of this product. In fact, many customers shuttle shelf is not very understanding. However, with the promotion of the manufacturer of this product, awareness shuttle shelf higher and higher. One of our clients - a Saudi battery plant, for example. At first, they want to install the gravity rack, two tons of cargo carrying. This gravity rack cheap, and its shelf wheel need to be changed regularly, higher operating costs. For their needs, we recommended to them shuttle shelf system, the results are now increasingly tend to use the shuttle shelf.
Secondly, the choice of shuttle shelf, most should consider the stability of product quality and after-sales service supply manufacturers. Because once the shelf system problems, the immediate need for manufacturers to solve and debug. Reliable vendors to do the maintenance in the late a little bit of small problems can lead to stagnation of the shuttle shelf system, if not resolve, will the customer's warehouse run a great impact.
Again, the addition of a larger problem in the use of shuttle shelf system, we encounter the professional quality of the operator is not high enough. Therefore, the education and training of the operator is also very important. When we complete a project would be the customer's operator for a period of three days of training. In fact, the operation of the shuttle is very convenient, is to cultivate a correct operator, rigorous work attitude. As long as the operator strictly enforce the rules, we can guarantee the smooth running of shuttle safety.


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