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How to procuremtent shelt to build new warehouse?
Publisher:Published Time:2012-5-3readed:423Times

The shelf is not frequently used in daily business activities, the new warehouse or in the warehouse expansion, the buyer may not know how the shelves and shelves of the procurement of the procurement process is how. Here, we simply introduced under the shelf procurement process so that we have a rough idea.

If your warehouse is the expansion of the small shelf needed, for example only need several sets of a dozen so you as long as the shelf that you want to approximate size and load, use to send us, we can give you a design quote .

If you are a new warehouse, it may need an overall plan to meet your current and future storage requirements, it needs professionals to design and planning. The following is the purchase process for new warehouse shelves:

Demand-side logistics and warehousing requirements - manufacturers site design - both sides to explore and optimize the program - the offer of the shelf as a whole - Storage program selected - the contract is signed - shelf systems manufacturing (preparation, processing, surface treatment, packaging ) - shelf system installation - acceptance.

Some storage requirements such as: warehouse floor plan, specifications of the goods, features, weight, unit pallets specifications, heap, high load capacity, access mode (manual access, machinery access, automated access) and access equipment, storage volume requirements, the frequency of access to library requirements, management system requirements, control methods, we will arrange for the door interview design, if you have needs in this area, just a phone, we serve you.


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